Welcome To Serveased

Have you ever been judged by strangers (or people you thought knew you)? That feeling you get when people assess your current life without knowing what you’ve been through or where you are going is real and unfortunately, what a lot of people including the self-taught community, people in-between jobs, immigrants, etc. deal with daily. The consequences include emotional turmoil which may lead to depression. This is what Serveased is about.

Serveased was born from the founders’ observations as immigrants, community members and job seekers in four areas (i) The gap in income distribution is increasing by the day (ii) It can be quite challenging for people to settle down whenever they relocate or are going through life challenges (iii) Every human has some skills to offer, whether they are aware of it or not (iv) It’s time to formally embrace self-education and development through content sharing.

Amid the busy lifestyles of about 15.6 million households in metropolitan areas of Canada and over 2.1 billion households in the world, we see the dire need to close the gap between the social classes and increase accessibility to help for personal needs. Also, there is a need to empower people seeking knowledge with a platform to educate themselves, boost their self-confidence, certify their self-taught skills, and connect with community members who need such skills for services. In addition, protect and make the interest of all community members matter while doing what they like to do. These will create a healthier community while boosting the economy through an increase in the opportunity to earn, build credit and achieve life goals.

Serveased taps into the self-taught community, the curious minds, and people seeking help with their busy schedules to create a two-way C2C online marketplace where users can engage or employ skills related to personal consumer services including body care, spa, home care, childcare, events, handyman, makeup, and more, to serve the community while going about their personal life. We recognize, certify, and deploy skills within our community.

Our Team

Olufemi Bamidele
(P.Eng.,PEM, PMP®, Ph.D., MBA)

A versatile and data driven Business Leader with more than 10 years’ experience in strategic management, engineering project & product development, operations and R&D. Talent for solving complex high-risk problems with innovative ideas, analytics, and applied knowledge guiding cross-functional projects in Canada, Middle East and Africa. Exemplary leader and team player with remarkable emotional intelligence fostering a culture of collaboration and helping others see the big picture.

President & CEO

Sagnik Majumdar

Highly accomplished in project management, product development and servant-leadership. Engaged in methodically managing day-to-day business operations, forecasting and budgeting, crafting organizational design, and establishing standard operating procedures. Loves building high-performing self-organized cross-functional teams, inspiring and motivating individuals; intensely passionate about continuous learning, happiness and wellbeing, and leadership development.

Vice President, Sales & Operations

Samuel Opawale
(B.Sc., M.Sc.)

Experienced multi-disciplined software engineer proficient as a technology architect and a full-stack developer. Skilled in several programming languages with a strong focus on software development, enterprise architecture, project delivery and capacity planning. Influential technology leader, agilist, innovative and creative individual upholding values of integrity, care, courage and respect.

Chief Technical Officer