We at Serveased ensure that utmost care is taken to make sure all services are rendered in the safest possible way. We take a lot of precautions like frequent sterilization of equipment, wearing of personal protective equipment (face mask, face shield, gloves etc.), ensuring frequent medical check-up, sanitization of personnel and gears and much more. We perform thorough background checks and screening tests on all our service providers before they are active on the platform. All this is done to ensure you expect what you signed up for.
We are the people’s choice because we make available quality, on-demand and scheduled services to customers at their convenience. We have variety of essential services on one platform in multiple cities to meet your needs on the go. We ensure merchants don’t waste your time and we create a personalized experience for you and your loved ones. On top of that, we build a network of service lovers and provide a platform to share trends and resources on essential services and personal care because we believe everyone deserves to be served at ease.
By providing honest feedback and ratings to the service providers, while we work on the strategy to implement your comments.
Serveased has a robust two-way feedback system. The customers can rate the services availed and the service provider, as well as leave feedback. The service provider can also rate the customers and their own experience providing the service. This is done to ensure the best possible experience for all parties involved.
We at Serveased ensure that we partner with the best service providers there are in the industry in each service category. Only top notch providers are brought on the platform and their experiences are validate by third party. Your satisfaction is dear to us!
Book a turn means to schedule a service for two or more people (you and a friend or family member) with the same service provider to receive the same service at the same location served one after the other.
Book a date means to schedule the same or different services for two or more people (yourself and a friend) with different service providers to receive the same or different services at the same location served at the same time.
Book a gift means to schedule services for a friend, colleague, family member etc. as a surprise to be served at the specified location and time.
We take your privacy and data seriously and we have robust measures in place to protect you. Please, see our privacy policy
After the order for the service is placed, customers need to prepare a desired space for the service to be rendered. Client may get their personal kits ready if so desired to be used.
Please, use our customer service chat feature on the website or a customer service phone number